1200 W Garden Water Pump Shallow Well Pressurized Irrigation

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Power: 120V Watt: 1200 W Max Flow Rate: 1000 Gallon Per Hour Max Lift: 150 Feet Max Suction Height: 26 feet Dia. of pipe: 1″ Hose Fitting: 1″ length of cable:4 feet???UL PLUG Package included: 1 x Garden pump

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This is pressurized water booster pump which is perfect for transferring water from wells or water reservoirs to upper stories of building. ?? This water pressure pump gives homes several times more pressure in their water pipes for better showers cleaning. It?€?s perfect for draining add water pressure to houses and garden. ?? If you are looking for it don’t hesitate to buy it! ?? Brand new and Good Quality Designed and manufactured in line with the valid safety requirements has a lift rating of 150 feet 150 foot head lift provides enough water and pressure for a magnitude of jobs 1000 Gallon Per Hour rating tackles any draining job at a fraction of the time 1″ hose fittings