16 ft Sectional Telescoping Flagpole Kit with an American Flag

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This aluminum sectional flagpole extends up to 16?€? instantly and lowers instantly to 12-2/5′. ?? Made of rust-resistant aluminum the flagpole can fly only one flag. It?€?s easy to set up in minutes with rotating lock between each section. ?? Brand new 16?€? aluminum telescoping flagpole Each section is 52-1/4″ long with the embedded part One 3″ diameter gold ball finial to decorate the flagpole Easy to set up in minutes with rotating lock between each section Rotating wind-directed plastic brackets with steel hook 19.5″ PVC sleeve for ground Can only fly one

Elongate flag pole size: 2-1/3″ x 16′ (Diameter x L) Retractile flag pole length: 5′ Gold ball diameter: 3?€? PVC sleeve size: 2-2/5″ x 16″ (Diameter x L) American national flag size: 3′ x 5′ Package includes:?? 1 x 16′ flag pole 1 x gold ball finial 1 x PVC sleeve 1 x instruction 1 x US Flag included as a free gift (3′ x 5′)


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