22pc Universal Caliper Tool Kit Case Wind Back Disc Brake Pad Piston Compressor

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Material: Carbon Steel Condition: 100% Brand New Weight: 6.4lbs (3.9kg) Package include: 2x Thrust Bolt Assembly (Right-hand & Left-hand Threaded ) 17x Adapter Plates 2x Reaction Plate 1x Carrying Case Instructions not included

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22pcs Universal Brake Caliper Wind Back Tools Kit Rotates Piston Back Into Caliper For Fitting Of New Brake Shoes And Pads Includes Left And Right Handed Thrust Bolt Assemblies The Kit Includes Adapters Which Fit A Variety Of Modern Car Brands Prevents Damage To The Gasket 2 Spindles 2 Reaction Plates 17 Adapters For A Wide Range Of Vehicle Applications Durable and Easy Use for Professionals and Serious DIY Users Application for Most of Both Imported and Domestic Major Cars Helps Prevent damage to the piston and boot Carbon Steel Sand Blasted Finish For Most Domestic And Import Vehicles Including European And Japanese Models Works on most cars such as MERCEDES BMW VW GM AUDI FORD HONDA SUBARU MAZDA NISSAN MITSUBISHI TOYOTA ROVER AND 4 WHEEL DRIVE For use with ‘Push back’ and ‘Wind back’ pistons the set includes adaptors for Mazda Toyota General Motors Audi Ford Honda Jaguar Nissan Saab Subaru Volkswagen Alfa Romeo BMW Mercedes-Benz Mitsubishi Rover Volvo Renault VW and many other vehicles.