50′ 100′ 150′ 300′ LED Rope Light Home Outdoor Christmas Decorative Party 7Color-50′ Cool White

$25.13 $21.54

Color: Warm white/RGB / Red / Yellow / Blue /Green / Cool white Material: PVC tubing and copper wire Length: 100?€? Led bulbs qty: 11 bulbs/ft Power cord length: 6.56?€?/2 m Tube diameter: ??12 mm Bulb orientation: Vertical Beam angle: 360?? Voltage: 110 v Power consumption: 0.61-0.98 w/ft Package Include: Length Power Plug With 6.6Ft??Power Cords Additional Power Plug Middle Connectors ?? End Caps ?? Clips ?? 50?€? 1 1 2 2 25 100?€? 1 2 4 4 25 150?€? 1 3 6 6 25 300?€? 1 6 12 12 25


This two-wires LED rope lights are versatile and nearly limitless uses in both residential and commercial lighting projects. ?? Sub-miniature bulbs encased in flexible PVC tubing enhance durability and easy to bend into shapes. Two-wires features steady burn and much less energy consumed. It is suitable for decorating or illuminating your home or business creating figure or building sign display in many occasions such as corners ceilings staircases decks driveways boats galleries clubs parties and holidays. ?? You can upgrade the rope lights for different lengths (longer or shorter) or several colors with two power cords and two power connectors. ?? Brand new and high quality Suitable occasions: Home bedroom living room cabinets shopping malls hotels office buildings party holidays and so on The structure is simple clear convenient installation cost-effective Energy-saving and longer-life Crystal clear PVC tubing for durable use and brighter Easily to bend into any shape Light healthy no radiation no pollution Protection of eyesight dc power drive avoid frequent flash can cause eye damage High flexibility temperature sustainability and UV resistance Note: The joints cannot be exposed due to the power cords and power connectors are non-waterproof