5pcs Inner Blind Bearing Puller Set Internal Slide Hammer Tool w/ Case

$40.53 $34.74

Bearing Extractor 1: 3/8″ To 1/2″ (10mm-14mm) Bearing Extractor 2: 9/16″ To 11/16″ (15mm-19mm) Bearing Extractor 3: 5/8″ To 1″ (18mm-25mm) Bearing Extractor 4: 1″ To 1-1/4″ (25mm-32mm)


Brand New And High Quality One Slide Hammer Assemble & Clamp Easy To Use And Maintenance Open Clamps By Turning Handle Clockwise To Snug Against The Bearing For Pulling Out Evenly Without Damage Form Fitted Case Is Included For Storage And Organization