78 pcs Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

$36.33 $31.14

The kit includes: 3 solid aluminum rods for rifle/pistols 3 solid aluminum rods for shotguns 10 brass wire brushes to fit the following guns – 10/12 gauge 20/28 gauge 410 45cal. 40cal. 357/38cal. /9mm 30cal. 270/280cal. 22 cal. And 17cal 2 solid brass adaptors for shotgun mops/brushes and rifle/pistol brushes and mops 2 plastic slotted tips for shotguns and rifle/pistols 2 universal handles 5 mops to fit 10/12gauge 20/28 gauge 410 357-38 cal. /9mm and 22cal 50 cleaning patches 1 aluminum carry case included


This 78 pieces gun cleaning kit is a perfect choice for you to keep your guns as clean as possible.This is our 78 pieces gun cleaning which includes everything you need to keep your arsenal in tip top shape and ready to throw some lead down range. It even comes in a aluminum case to keep it all together and protect it.If this happens to meet your expectation just bring one back home. Brand new and good quality Universal 78 pcs gun cleaning kit Suitable for all gun types Clean away residuals and sludge Long service life Aluminum storage case