Expanding Portable Fence Wooden Safety Gate

$46.13 $39.54

Material: Wood Folding width: 13 3/5″ Expanded width: 70 4/5″ Expanded height: 43″ Package size: 47″ x 16″ x 2″


This is extend-a-fence instant home fencing which will provide a very safe environment for your child dog and cat. ?? The fence will prevent your child from entering into places they aren’t allowed like a fireplace or any other non-kid friendly area. This is about as easy a fencing solution as you can find. Stands on stable feet so no digging is required great for dividing flower beds. Stain should be applied for maximum life if used outside. It’s a perfect addition??for home and garden providing a good-looking instant fence panel that you can move to anywhere you like. ?? Expanded as it is the fence guarantees a multiple use wherever youd love to place it. ?? Brand new Perfect for baby children pets Activity board: Picture house play phone spinning balls Portable and expanding size and shape