Roll Fender Reforming Extending Tool Wheel Arch Roller Flaring Former Heavy Duty

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This is our heavy duty professional roll fender reforming tool. ?? It allows you to gently enlarge the wheel arch to allow larger wheels to be fitted. It helps you easily increase the clearance between your tire and the fender roll the fenders or repair wheel-arch collision damage. It bolts directly to the hub flange with elongated holes in the adapter plate to fit all popular 4 and 5 bolt hubs. ?? If you are looking it Don’t hesitate to buy it. ?? Designed to slowly ease the wheel arch away allowing for larger wheels to be fitted Simply bolts directly to the hub flange Pressure adjustment for easing out Nylon heavy duty roller Adjustable extension arm Adjusts from 14″ to 22 3/4″ We strongly recommend that a qualified body shop technician or a professional carry out the work No instructions and any damage cause personally or to any part in the use of is not our responsibility Too much adjustment will cause damage to the cars paintwork and may result in an expensive repair This professional fender roller prevents the rubbing that is common because of the limited tire-to-fender clearance and is perfect for lowered vehicles and vehicles with larger wheels.

Color: Red Material: iron Adjusts from 14″ to 22 3/4″ Package included: 1 set roll fender


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