Telescope Walking Stick – Authentic Models

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SKU : WS005

UPC : 781934536710

Brand : Authentic Models

Primary Color : Distressed French Finish

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Why Victorians felt compelled to invent weird contraptions like cachepots holding mousetraps or fire alarms in the shape of a stuffed goat head is beyond me. Within the outrageousness of such creations, a telescope mounted on a walking stick deserves the highest praise… Its polished knob fits comfortable in the palm of one’s hand. Rosewood of the finest selection is used for a slender, but eminently sturdy stick. A cleverly engineered mechanism allows the telescope to be pulled up and swiveled. Held up by the stick it can be aimed and pointed like a monocle. Do not forget to remove the cap. Yes, it magnifies… threefold.


Weight 2.20 lbs
Dimensions 38.80 × 2.80 × 2.80 in


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